What Tank Size Does a Betta Need?

The Internet is flooded with all kinds of advice – they tell you what to wear, what to eat, explain every single medical symptom, etc., and they do it “better” than your doctor. The same is with the advice regarding your pets – the Internet always knows the best.

We do not want to imply that all the articles you can find online are bad. In fact, many authors have rich experience, and they often consult veterinarians before they write something. Some of them actually are veterinarians. So, the only thing we want to say is – don’t trust everything you read online. Do your research, read multiple articles, pay attention to their authors’ biographies and make sure they can be trusted.

Why are we writing all this? Well, because Bettas are not an exception – there is so much false information about the way you should take care of your fish pet. Today, we will be dealing with one of the most common topics in this area – tank size.

Most Common Misinformation

If you type “What tank size does a Betta need?” in your browser, you will get quite a lot of search results and many articles stating that, when it comes to the tank size and amount of water in that tank, a gallon per inch of a Betta’s length is the perfect ratio. Now, we know that an average betta can get as big as 3 inches, which implies that a 3-gallon tank will be perfect for most Bettas.


Wonder why? Because this amount of water allows your pet to survive and nothing else! Bare survival. And for a limited period of time, much shorter than it should be.

You would be surprised to find out how little every living creature needs to survive. Even people, as the most demanding species, don’t need that much to survive. But again, that’s just bare survival.

What Tank Size Does a Betta Actually Need?

As we’ve said in some of our previous articles, Bettas are pretty feisty animals. They are quite sensitive when it comes to the environment they live in. We all know that it is preferable to keep Bettas out of community tanks, but it seems that people are misinformed when it comes to tank size.

The fact is that imitating Bettas’ natural habitat can be tricky, but that does not mean we should not give our best to make them feel relaxed and safe and keep them healthy. If you want your pet to have all this, you should provide enough water and a spacious tank with enough place to move, hide, and rest.

This means that the tank volume should not be less than 5 gallons. Of course, it would be amazing if you could put your Betta in a 10-gallon tank, but if you do not have enough space in your house for such a large tank, a 5-gallon aquarium will do just fine.

This way, your fish will be healthier because it will have enough place to swim, and the toxin concentration in the water will be lower, while you will have enough space to place all the necessary decorations.

Tank Decoration Tips

We have already written about the basic water conditions that should be met to keep your Betta healthy and happy, but the decoration part should not be neglected.

Decorating a fish tank will not only provide a better environment for your pet but it can also be quite fun, especially if you have kids. You can all spend an interesting family day preparing a cozy home for your new family member.

After all, decorations are as colorful as your future pet. They come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, and even the process of picking and combining them can be interesting and fulfilling.

The only thing you should keep in mind is to keep it simple. You shouldn’t exaggerate with the decorations. Make sure that the tunnels, plants, etc. do not occupy too much space in the tank because this can push your Betta to the tank periphery and make it lose its interest in swimming and exploring, which is crucial for their health and happiness.

Plus, do not buy decorations with sharp edges. They can accidentally tear Betta’s fins or tail, and neither you nor your fish wants that to happen.

Final Thoughts

Small containers won’t make your fish happy. The only thing they offer is bare survival and this is something that no living creature should ever experience. 

Bettas can live alone as they are quite territorial animals, and they are not likely to get lonely, but they can become depressed due to some other reasons, and tank size is one of the most important.

Be responsible to your pet!

Your Betta deserves to have a life as colorful and amazing as it is!